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We provide an easy and effective way for mineral rights and royalty Sellers to create, edit and publish mineral rights and royalty ads ("Basic Ads") for free. No contracts, commissions or fees. After the inital ad term, Basic Ads expire. Register here to post a new ad.

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Do you own a small or large mineral rights interest? If you do, you are our target audience. Buyers are interested in mineral tracts and mineral titles of all sizes - producing or non-producing. If you are one of the 20+ million (est.) owners of oil and gas mineral rights in North America, our site is for you. We do not charge Sellers for our services. Buyers subscribe to see full ads and contact Sellers directly.

We provide Sellers with two options to advertise their mineral rights and royalty interests.

Basic Ad Listing

Basic Ads are now free for the initial ad term of 30 days. After 29 days you will get a notice to renew and update or delete your ad. If renewed, Basic Ads will continue for free for subsequent 30 day periods. We have just are changed our ad term to 30 days (previously 365 days) to ensure that ad information is more current. Sellers can create and publish multiple Basic Ads with no cost or obligation. Our AdManager system allows Sellers to create, edit or delete Basic Ads. Register here to begin.

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All new Basic Ads receive the first 30 days as a free Featured Ad. Upgrade your existing Basic Ad to a Featured Ad anytime here.

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