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FAQ About Oil and Gas Mineral Rights

Questions and Answers About Mineral Rights and Our Services

For Owners of Mineral Rights and Royalties

Q. I own mineral rights and don't know what they are worth. What should I do?

A. Read the section below titled "About Mineral Rights". Your mineral rights could have significant hidden value.

Q. I am a mineral rights owner and I want to post an ad to lease or sell my mineral rights property. Is it free?

A. Yes, once your register as a property Owner/Seller, you can create and post your Basic Ad. Basic Ads are free for mineral rights and royalty owners for 30 days. After 29 days, you will receive a reminder to update, renew or delete your ad.  If renewed, your ad updated ad will continue again for an additional 30 days at no charge. You can post as many ads as you want for separate properties - all for free. If you want to promote your property, you can upgrade your Basic Ad anytime to a Featured Ad using the AdManager system in your account. Featured Ads run for 45 days on our site pages, receive priority review, free edits and a stock image to enhance your ad. See our Listing Info page for more information.

Q. What happens after that? Do people contact me directly?

A. Basic Ads can be seen by public viewers but these viewers cannot see your full contact information. Potential Buyers must register on our site and only then can they contact you directly with a private message.

Q. How do I begin using your ad service to advertise my property?

A. Register online at no cost and with no obligation. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from our site. Please remember your login and password and use it for future ads. To build your Basic Ad, just fill in the fields required and provide details about the properties that you are advertising. Once you have submitted your Basic Ad, your ad will be "Pending" until our editors have approved your submission, which may take up to two (2) days. Once approved, your new Basic Ad will be shown online for free for an initial term of 30 days. After 29 days you will receive an email from us reminding you that your Basic Ad is expiring. You may then renew your free Basic Ad for further 30 day periods in the same manner.  You may also consider upgrading your Basic ad to a Featured Ad which, for a fee, will be prominently displayed on our site pages for 45 days.  Please note that you can add up to 4 images to each ad - even PDF images. All advertising clients are provided with free access to an AdManager account which allows for the editing of ads and content management.

Q. When I create my new ad and send it to you – what happens next?

A. Once you have submitted your ad to us, our Editors will review your Basic Ad. If approved, your ad will be online immediately and can be viewed by petroleum landmen, investors, lease brokers and oil and gas companies that subscribe to our website. Your ad can be seen 24/7 by a very large audience - the world.

Q. Is my personal information kept confidential?

A. We endeavor to keep all personal information that you provide to us confidential except for information that you have consented to or provided for publication on this website. When you post an ad, the public can see your ad, but not your contact information. Once a Buyer has registered on our site, a Buyer can see your contact information and contact you directly. Any resulting transaction is then yours to finalize and we are not involved. Please read our Liability Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for more details. We do not provide your confidential information to any third parties.

Q. Can I keep my name confidential and use your company as the primary contact for any inquiries about my ad?

A.  If you want us to act as your agent or need help in a sale transaction, contact us directly at www.baycrestenergy.com.

Q. What does it mean when I am listing with your service?

A. When you list a Basic Ad on our site, you are advertising your property for lease or sale on your own terms. You have no contract with us or obligation to us. 

Q. Once I sign up, do I have to sell my property with you?

A. No. We are a non-exclusive free advertising service for property owners and you have no obligation to us other than to keep current information in your ad. Basic Ads run for 30 days after which they will expire, if not renewed. You will be prompted to renew your free ad after 29 days. We ask that you update your ad information at that time.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract of any kind?

A. No. Basic Ads are free and you can cancel, delete or edit your ad anytime using our AdManager system. If your property has sold or your contact information has changed, we require that you immediately delete or update your ad to keep it current.

Q. Do I have to pay fees or commissions when advertising with your service?

A. No. We do not charge fees or commissions. If you want to post a Featured Ad or a Banner Ad, a fee is applicable. Payment is made for Featured Ads though the PayPal secure payment sytem accessed through the AdManager dashboard of your site account.

Q. What is the minimum advertising period that I can request?

A. No minimum period. Ads will remain posted until the ad expires or if you (or we) take your ad offline during that time period. After the initial 30 day Basic Ad run-time, your ad will stop running. You may renew your ad at that time with current information. We maintain the right to discontinue any ad at anytime.

Q. Do you charge me an advertising fee?

A. No. Basic Ad listings are free for from publication date and renewable for free. Cancel anytime. We only charge a fee for Featured Ads and Banner Ads.

Q. How do I pay for any fees that I might agree to pay you?

A. If you ask us to provide a service for which fees may be charged, you can pay us via PayPal from your site account.

Q. If I decide to retract my ad before publication, can I change it or delete it?

A. Yes. If your Basic Ad is not published yet, you may delete it or change the content. It is up to you - subject to our editorial review. Use our AdManager to modify or delete your Basic Ad or to post additional ads at anytime.

Q. Once my ad is online, can I cancel or change it?

A. Yes. You can login and delete or change your Basic Ad anytime using our AdManager system. We require that you keep your ad current or we may delete it from the site without notice.

Q. If I want my Basic Ad to be a Featured Ad or I want to post a Banner Ad, how much do I pay?

A. Your ad can be posted as a Featured Ad or Banner Ad for a fee. See our Services page for fee details.

Q. Once my ad is online, can I edit it?

A. Yes. Once we have published your ad, you can edit, pause or delete your ad anytime using the AdManager in your account. If you edit your ad, it will not be reactivated until we have approved your changes.

Q. Can I advertise anything I want on this site?

A. No. Our ad service is specifically designed for oil and gas mineral rights and royalty properties in North America.

Q. Can you reject or cancel my ad?

A. Yes. Our editors review all ads for potentially offensive or misleading material and we reserve the right reject or cancel any ad at any time. If we reject your ad submission for content reasons, you will have an opportunity to correct the content. If an ad submission is not corrected in a timely manner, your ad will be rejected and deleted. We also reserve the right to cancel and delete any ad or any Client at any time, without notice.

Q. Who is responsible for ad content?

A. Advertising Clients are solely responsible for ad content and must keep ad information current. This website provides an advertising service only and as such, we are unable to verify any Client-supplied ad information. See our Liability and Disclaimer Policy for further details.

Q. Do you send your Advertising Clients any unsolicited emails?

A. Our system will only send you an email when your ad is expiring or it has been edited, deleted or approved. You may also elect to receive our Newsletter when you register. The Newsletter has an unsubscribe feature if you choose to opt out.

Q. Do you have a Privacy Policy?

A. Yes. You can review our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Q. Why are the Basic Ads free? 

A. We provide our Basic Ad services for free so that we can create increased interest in our website.

Q. What if I have more than one ad to post?

A. Post as many Basic Ads as you want, subject to our right to edit.

Q. I am a Buyer and want to view ads on the site. What happens if I don't see any properties that I like or if the property owner does not respond?

A. The site is an advertising site only. Ad content and property information is the sole responsibility of the Seller. If you have issues with an ad, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

For Buyers of Mineral Rights and Royalties

Q. I am a public viewer of the property ads on this site. I can see property information but can't see the Seller contact information. How do I contact the Seller?

A. A public viewer must register as a Buyer in order to see Basic Ad details and Seller contact information.

About Banners

Q. I own a Law Firm and would like to post a Banner on your site. Can I advertise as a Banner Advertiser with a link to our Company?

A. Yes. Register and post a Banner Ad through your listing account and the AdManager dashboard. You are responsible for the Banner image. There are many free service providers on the internet who can assist you with creating your Banner Ad. All Banner Ads are subject to our approval to ensure that the content is acceptable and that the Banner fits the size requirements for each space. Our fees are variable based on Banner Ad position, are payable in advance and are not refundable. As our listings grow, posting a Banner Ad or Featured Ad is the best way to feature your property or your Company on all of our pages. If you need help building your Banner Ad or Featured Ad, send us an email and we can help.

Q. Our Company buys mineral rights and royalties and we would like to post a Banner Ad on your site. Can we advertise with a link to our Company?

A. Yes, subject to our review of your Company and its business practices. Register as a Buyer and post a Banner Ad through your listing account and the AdManager system.

About Mineral Rights

Q. I don’t understand all the details of land leasing and negotiations. What do I do?

A. Go to our Links page and connect to a landman or attorney in your area.

Q. I have been approached by an oil company landman and he has offered to lease or purchase my oil and gas mineral rights. What do I do? How do I know if this is a fair offer?

A. When a written offer to lease or purchase your oil and gas mineral rights is presented to you, we recommend that you contact an oil and gas attorney or landman and discuss the offer with a professional. Lease terms can vary in every lease document so obtaining solid advice is critical and leasing or selling your mineral rights is essentially a real estate transaction. Key items to negotiate are the lease bonus amount, the royalty reserved, pooling clauses and the primary term of the lease - to name a few. Again, consult a landman or attorney in your area for assistance but make sure that the advisor you choose is familiar with oil and gas leasing transactions. If the terms of the offer are not acceptable and you are interested in receiving other offers, we recommend that you advertise your mineral rights on our website and let the market know that your mineral rights are available. The market will let you know what your mineral rights are worth and you may see a significantly higher offer. To make your property stand out from our numerous listings, we highly recommend that you post a Banner Ad to ensure that your ad is easily found by oil and gas company landmen and investors.

Q. Should I consider selling my mineral rights? 

A. Yes, in certain circumstances. Depending on the interest that you own, you should consider selling your mineral rights. When mineral rights properties are split through the estate process, ("fractionalization") the result may be that each relative owns a very small portion of the title (ie. 1/5th of the title to 100 acres with your relatives holding the other 4/5ths). Situations like this may result in lengthy and complicated transactions with each relative receiving only a small portion of any proceeds from a leasing or sale transaction. At some point, the paperwork associated with owning small mineral rights interests may outweigh the value. Companies make it their business to acquire small interests from land owners and may offer you a significant premium for your interests.

Q. I inherited a small interest in some non-producing mineral rights and don't know what to do next. I don't think that they are leased out to anyone. Do they still have value?

A. Yes. With the rapid onset of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing, new oil and gas wells are drilled every day in areas that were previously thought to be non-productive. As a result of this technology advancement, your lands could have significant value. Many of our site viewers are sophisticated oil and gas landmen and investors who are looking for opportunities to lease or buy mineral rights. Post a free ad now and watch what happens.

Q. I inherited a small interest in some revenue producing mineral rights and would like to know what these rights could be worth. I believe that they have been leased out to an oil company. I really don't even know what I own in these lands but the checks are small and steady.  What do you think?

 A. Revenue producing mineral rights often have value that is primarily derived from the monthly royalty checks ("cash flow") received by you as the lessor and mineral rights land owner. Your lands have probably been leased in the past and the lease is likely to remain in place until the producing wells are no longer viable. Depending on the production history of the well(s) on your lands and the future revenue potential of these wells and your property, oil and gas investors could pay you up to 48 times your monthly cash flow - maybe more - maybe less. Do the calculation yourself - then post a free ad and see what happens. 

Q. Can you please explain what to expect in a leasing situation?

 A. Generally, if an oil and gas exploration company has concluded that the oil and gas resource potential of an area is promising, the company may decide to commit the time, money and effort into a land acquisition and leasing program in order to obtain the right to explore, drill for and produce leased substances from the project area lands. Once a leasing program is commenced, un-leased owners of mineral rights are contacted directly by the oil company or its agent with the objective of negotiating a lease. In many cases, the title and ownership to mineral rights is held in numerous split-titles, usually by the descendants of the original mineral rights owners. This situation can result in complex fractional ownership with individual mineral rights owners now living in "all corners of the world". Oil companies or brokers (acting on their behalf) attempting to lease these rights would typically conduct a land title search and then try to contact the mineral rights owners by phone, by mail or in person - provided they can be located. Due to the complexity and cost associated with tracking down numerous mineral rights owners, many are never contacted by the oil company and valuable lands are left un-leased. Lands are also commonly not leased for technical reasons such as lack of geological potential, limited accessibility or for environmental or economic reasons. If a successful lease transaction is finalized between the mineral rights owner and a third party, depending on the circumstances, mineral rights owners may receive lease signing bonuses and a royalty percentage of the leased mineral rights produced and sold from the leased property. Leases generally have a term of between one and five years after which the lease may continue (if  held by production or deemed production) or the lease may expire. When a lease has expired (or is near expiry) landowners may consider re-leasing or optioning the lands to a new lessee under negotiated terms. Mineral rights owners may also sell all or a partial interest in their mineral rights. Prior to selling mineral rights, we would recommend that you have an evaluation of your mineral rights completed.

Q. Do you know what my mineral rights are worth?

A. Mineral rights can have a wide range of value. Ultimately, the market decides the value but in many cases the market simply doesn’t know how to find you. That’s where our mineral rights advertising service can help. We recommend that you post an ad on this site, contact a landman, lawyer or attorney or visit www.baycrestenergy.com for more information.

Q. What can I expect if someone wants to lease my oil and gas mineral rights?

A. If a successful lease transaction is finalized between a mineral rights owner and a third party, depending on the circumstances, mineral rights owners may receive significant lease signing bonuses and a royalty percentage of the oil and gas produced and sold from the leased property. Leases generally have a term of between one and five years after which the lease may continue (if held by production or deemed production) or the lease may expire.

Q. Is there any information I can read about mineral rights?

A. See the attached article "How Technology Changed the Game for Mineral Rights Owners."