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  • Listing ID: 112849
  • Name: Pe***********ine
  • Company Name: Baycrest Energy Ltd.
  • Address: 20 *************e SW
  • City: Calgary
  • Province: Alberta
  • Postal Code: T2V 0K6
  • Country: Canada
  • Phone Number: 4XXXXX3092
  • Email Address: ****@***crestenergy.com
Ad Information
  • Type: Royalties for Sale
  • Country: Canada
  • Province: British Columbia
  • Closest Town/City: Aitken Creek/Nig Creek, British Columbia
  • Postal Code: V0C 2N0
  • Land Description: Top-tier oil/liquids-rich BC Montney GORR FOR SALE offsetting Black Swan multi-well pad 54-D. First well on GORR lands onstream as of May 2016. GORR is 0.5% (1/2%) on 100% of production from 4 sections (16 units, 2560 gross acres). Montney natural gas and liquids play with over 250 metres gross pay. First horizontal well on this block drilled by Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) at b-97-K/94-H-4 in 2012 and on-stream in mid-2016. Well currently producing at restricted rate due to lack of capacity but includes 40 bbls/d per mmcf of oil/C5+ due to lack of capacity. Multiple offsetting HZ wells drilled by Black Swan produce at IP's of > 8+mmcfd + liquids of 25-60 bbls/mmcf and 12 month rates > 3.5mmcfd. GORR is subject to BC Crown equivalent deductions.
  • Legal Description:
  • Section: 0
  • Township: 1
  • Range: 1
  • Meridian: W 1 M
  • Royalty Description: EUR's of 8 to 11 BCF/well. 20+ new HZ wells anticipated by operator on this GORR acreage. TransCanada Pipelines North Montney Lateral expected to be on-stream in late 2019 after which area capacity issues are alleviated. These Crown lands are continued indefinitely (HBP). Qualified buyers only. See maps attached. 0.5% GORR on 100% of production from 4 sections (16 units, 2560 gross acres). First well drilled by CNRL at b-97-K/94-H-4 (surface) to a-20C/94-H-4 (bottom hole) with 2486m (8156') Montney horizontal leg. Montney gas and oil/liquids of 45-60 bbls/mmcf (63% oil and C5+). Area operators report 60+ BCF/section of OGIP, 200+ metres of Montney gas-charged, liquids-rich reservoir. Overpressured area. See www.blackswanenergy.com for more information.
    Land description: 94-A-13: Block K Units 78, 79, 80, 88, 89, 90, 98, 99; Block L Units 71, 81;
    Block C Units 8,9; Petroleum and Natural Gas from Surface to base of Montney, excluding Basal Lag
    94-A-13: Block K Unit 100; Block L Unit 91; 94-H-4: Block C Unit 10; Block D Unit 1 Petroleum and Natural Gas from Base of Buick Ck-Dunlevy to base of Montney excluding Basal Lag.
  • Revenue Per Month: $447.26 average/mo. for 2019
  • Revenue Paid by Company: Canadian Natural Resources Limited
  • Producing Field: Aitken Creek/Nig Creek British Columbia, Canada
  • Asking Price: Contact us.
  • Ad Created: 05/02/2020
  • Ad Updated: 05/27/2020
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